Anyone ready for 2023 to GTFO?

Over it? Over it.
Today, I logged into class to see what I needed to study, and as I was in the middle of reading the note my professor left, I said to myself, Hey, I kinda don’t care.”
Today, I went to script my Five Nights at Freddy’s video and said to myself, “No, I’m not in the mood,” as I typed on my keyboard.
Today, I drank a Redbull to help me get my work done, and I asked myself, “I don’t care to have the energy to do anything right now; why am I drinking this?”
Today, I went back to add more to the crack ship fanfiction I had been writing for weeks because I kept putting it off for the sake of school and work, and I didn’t say, “Hey, I kinda don’t care,” because that was strictly leisure and it was something I did for enjoyment and nothing more. It helped me take my mind off my responsibilities.
2023 has been a very draining year for many. Let’s go ahead and get the cat out of the bag. Every week, more like every day, it’s something new. Even when I am doing things for fun, I am with the dread of how dark the world is and want to lie down. At this point, I’m going to be playing No More Bad News from The Wiz because I genuinely don’t want any more bad news!
For one, everything costs much more than it should.
Food costs too much. I’m not even talking about going to five restaurants; I’m talking about groceries. Everyone, no matter their wage, should be able to eat because, guess what? You can’t live without food!
Water costs too much. Do I need to explain? Our bodies are made of water.
Gas costs too much. It’s a significant issue because public transportation is booty cheeks, and many of the cities we live in are not walkable.
All our necessities have risen in price, but no one is being paid more. If anything, there’s a bunch of pay cuts. Every so often, there's more news of layoffs.
The job market sucks. You get a fantastic opportunity, but the catch is that it doesn’t pay well.
Rent is through the roof. People are slowly not wanting to own a home anymore because they do not feel that it’s possible for them.
Subscriptions for entertainment cost more than ever. We might as well go back to cable.
If it’s not things costing more, but no one is being paid more, it’s a new tragedy, it’s misogyny, it’s racism, it’s homophobia, it’s transphobia, it’s something awful.
The entertainment industry has always had its issues, but because the problems have become open to the general public’s knowledge, it has resulted in things getting worse!
If it's not world problems and money, celebrities continue to show us they should not be held up on pedestals. Celebrity nonsense distracts us from the more important issues within society, but it’s still frustrating how ignorant many of them are and don’t care.
I’m tired. I’m exhausted. I would appreciate it if these next two months could speed by quickly. Because I don’t know how much more bad news I can take.
I am finally allowing myself to feel the pain I have been ignoring all year. I am already dealing with so much in my personal life that I choose to keep it private, but every time I check the news, it’s something else. Sometimes, I hate that I’m such a sensitive person because it makes me care so much that my caring about everything puts me in distress.
Often, I ask myself, why do you care so much? I can never answer it because I have been like this since I was little. Even this past weekend at Anime Weekend Atlanta, many volunteers didn’t show up to clean up the autographs station, so I decided to help because I noticed they were struggling. No one forced me to do anything; it was the right thing to do, and I didn’t expect anything from it.
Even while hurting, I still went out of my way to help others.
Confronting my pain has been something I have been doing all year, and I have to accept the fact that the emotional distress of 2023 has caught up with me. I want better for our world.
Everything sucks, nothing feels right. I’m over toxic positivity, and this is coming from someone who is a glass-half-full person. The glass is still half-full, but I had to come to the understanding of why it was half-full in the first place: some buffoonery happened.
I didn’t write this for anyone to feel sorry for me, by the way. I wrote this because many have been having similar thoughts as me but haven’t expressed them. If you’re hurting because of internal and external factors, you are not alone.
I hope things get better for you.
And do something you enjoy, OK?