the black nathalie sancoeur.

  • I may not feel good, but I look good.

    Rihanna once said, “She can beat me, but she cannot beat my outfit.” This is something I think about, but it isn’t about any particular person; it’s about me versus the world. No matter what I’m dealing with, I’m going to make sure I look good because that’s something that’s somewhat under my control.
  • The ways death changes you.

    Do I feel any different about her death now than I did back then? The answer is yes: I feel worse. 
  • Now why is Tiana in it!?

    The sad truth is that those who bring up Tiana in these discussions don’t honestly care about her. They use her as a convenient talking point without having seen The Princess and the Frog, read her comic book or Twisted Tales novel, or even acknowledged the whitewashing of her character in Ralph Breaks The Internet. Their interest in Tiana seems only to surface when it’s time to criticize another woman of color, a disheartening reality.
  • I understand Toji too much to hate him.

    When things started to get better for Toji, his wife died. When she died, he was lost again in life and began to make terrible decisions, along with being emotionally unstable. As someone who lost someone I loved with all my heart to death around the time I got into Jujustu Kaisen, this hit too close to home for me. 
  • I was kicked out of The Waifu House. Here are some details.

    I told myself just to be quiet and leave it alone, but there was a statement that said, “Members were kicked out for causing disturbances,” and I would go ahead and let you know that was not the reason why we were not there anymore. When, yes, I was kicked out, but numerous other members had left.  I just simply did not say anything, but my silence made it clear where I stood with the community and didn’t want to be a part of it any longer. This is why I did not feel comfortable being here anymore. 
  • Your favorite celebrity probably caught Covid, but they won't tell you that.

    I wish Renee Rapp a good recovery, but this just reminded me of an ongoing occurrence: I rarely see celebrities wearing masks, but they are out everywhere all the time. Part of being a star requires you to make public appearances; I get that, but from my observations, they are all everywhere, taking little to no precautions.
  • This is the only time I'm gonna talk about my mother.

    Before my mother's death, I will say that half of my life was dedicated to taking care of her. She always had issues with her health, and being as young as nine years old was when I first started to care for her. When she died, it was the first time I could truly take care of myself. Going to therapy wasn’t doing much, and you want to know why? Because afterward, when my session was over, I had to take care of her. One of the main things causing me so much distress, and I had no choice.
  • Here's some of my favorite podcasts if you don't wanna listen to people complain about dating.

     Let me tell you something: plenty have started podcasts only really to talk about dating culture along with being extremely misogynistic, and guess what? I am not a fan of those podcasts, and many others have expressed that they don’t like them much. Here are some of my favorite podcasts; you may find one that captures your interest.
  • How miserable do I have to be before you’re happy.

    While the context of the situation is different than what I’m feeling, the line where Millhouse says, “How miserable do I have to be before you're happy?” sticks with me forever. I continue to ask myself, “Why do you continue to put your well-being at stake for the comfort of others? If you keep doing that, you’ll keep being taken advantage of and have no money in your pocket.”
  • 2023 favorites.

    What better way to close out one of the most challenging years of my life on a positive note than with some things I enjoyed? I liked many things in 2023, and if I sat and talked about all of them, you would be here all day, and I know you want to do other things, hehe.
  • These are the worst books I read in 2023.

    Ah, it’s wrap-up season, isn’t it? This year, I tried to go after things I would enjoy, as I do not have the patience to sit to anything I won’t enjoy. Thankfully, I enjoyed most of the media I consumed this year, but there will always be some bad apples in the bunch. I have read quite a few books in 2023 and enjoyed most of them, but I found myself irritated after finishing some of the stories. Here are the books I disliked the most in 2023.
  • For T'Shauna.

    But you were much more than just a person I worked with; you were a good friend of mine just as well. I could talk to you about anything, even when it came down to shows you never watched or books you never read, you always listed. And you always offered me great advice. You were aware of my workaholism and encouraged me to rest. I really appreciated that.