harriyanna talks

  • The Sesame Street incident is proof that racism can pop up anywhere.

    Something as fun and wholesome as Sesame Street has now been tainted with racism. Disappointed but not surprised. Why am I not surprised? Because racism sneaks up anywhere.
  • Perfect Blue taught me how to leave people alone.

    Because we live in a day and age where anyone can be known to strangers, the events in Perfect Blue can happen to anyone, and that’s what makes this film more horrifying now than it was when it was released in the nineties.
  • Encanto needed more time.

    Encanto would have worked much better as a mini series instead of a film because so much happened in so little time, which resulted in the ending of the motion picture being unsatisfying.
  • The double standard of YouTube fandom content.

    When I go onto YouTube and search for fandom videos to watch, the main people who show up are non-black. As I keep scrolling, I notice that it’s not just one creator’s who’s videos are showing up, it’s numerous. There are days worth of fandom content on YouTube, but the videos with the most views relating to the subject are the ones made by non-black people.
  • Sam Levinson and Thomas Astruc Mirror Each Other.

    As I continue to watch Astruc and Levinson’s shows, I get more irritated because of the ongoing issues with the storytelling. The writers room for these series are what’s stopping them from being the best they can be. 
  • In Defense of Sabrina Raincomprix.

    While I will admit I hated girls like Sabrina, I can own up to why I’m so frustrated with the writing she gets: because I was a Sabrina as well during my childhood.