the black nathalie sancoeur.

  • I may not feel good, but I look good.

    Rihanna once said, “She can beat me, but she cannot beat my outfit.” This is something I think about, but it isn’t about any particular person; it’s about me versus the world. No matter what I’m dealing with, I’m going to make sure I look good because that’s something that’s somewhat under my control.
  • Now why is Tiana in it!?

    The sad truth is that those who bring up Tiana in these discussions don’t honestly care about her. They use her as a convenient talking point without having seen The Princess and the Frog, read her comic book or Twisted Tales novel, or even acknowledged the whitewashing of her character in Ralph Breaks The Internet. Their interest in Tiana seems only to surface when it’s time to criticize another woman of color, a disheartening reality.
  • 2023 favorites.

    What better way to close out one of the most challenging years of my life on a positive note than with some things I enjoyed? I liked many things in 2023, and if I sat and talked about all of them, you would be here all day, and I know you want to do other things, hehe.
  • Star Vs. The Lack of Boundaries.

     Marco and his parents were her host family. When it comes to host families, you aren’t cut off from dating altogether, but dating one of the people you’re staying with is a no-no. First-year High school students do not need to live with people they are dating. Sorry not sorry, but if that was the intent from the beginning, that being Star and Marco dating, then the writing needed work to show that. 
  • Encanto needed more time.

    Encanto would have worked much better as a mini series instead of a film because so much happened in so little time, which resulted in the ending of the motion picture being unsatisfying.