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  • Here's some of my favorite podcasts if you don't wanna listen to people complain about dating.

     Let me tell you something: plenty have started podcasts only really to talk about dating culture along with being extremely misogynistic, and guess what? I am not a fan of those podcasts, and many others have expressed that they don’t like them much. Here are some of my favorite podcasts; you may find one that captures your interest.
  • 2023 favorites.

    What better way to close out one of the most challenging years of my life on a positive note than with some things I enjoyed? I liked many things in 2023, and if I sat and talked about all of them, you would be here all day, and I know you want to do other things, hehe.
  • Star Vs. The Lack of Boundaries.

     Marco and his parents were her host family. When it comes to host families, you aren’t cut off from dating altogether, but dating one of the people you’re staying with is a no-no. First-year High school students do not need to live with people they are dating. Sorry not sorry, but if that was the intent from the beginning, that being Star and Marco dating, then the writing needed work to show that. 
  • Terra Markov and Evie Zamora Mirror Each Other.

    Both of these girls needed a better support system. It’s sad because they both became friends with decent people but ended up betraying them in the end because of their trauma and pain. Evie and Terra both wanted a family; no, they needed one—loneliness for someone that young is detrimental to them. I can attest to that, I went through a period of my teen years where I felt that I had no friends and couldn’t trust anyone.
  • My brand turns two today. Here’s the truth about owning a small business.

    Wow, it’s been two years already? Entrepreneurship is something that has always interested me since I was a little girl, and I am thankful to be able to pursue it as a career path. Regarding the subject of work, I think we need more honesty! I strongly advocate letting people know what they are getting into. Here are a few things I have learned since my brand became official.
  • Lila Rossi: A case where the obsessive fangirl goes too far.

    I have developed a theory that Lila may have followed Adrien before the timeline we see within the series. Adrien is famous worldwide; while some people have no idea who he is (like the main character of the series didn't know he existed until he was in her class), overall, he can not go anywhere without being recognized by someone. When we first meet Lila in the series, she’s talking to Adrien. When I realized that Lila’s character wouldn’t exist if it were not for Adrien, I started to take note of all the odd things Lila did in relation to him.

  • Twenty-two things I learned in 2022.

    Happy new year, everyone! Can I even still say that? Well, we are only 19 out of 365 days, so yes, yes, I can. People often do their number countdowns at the end of the year, but it would be nice to share mine at the beginning of the year. Here are 22 things I learned in 2022 that I have taken into 2023.
  • I kinda feel bad for Doug Walker, and I don’t like it.

    There would be no Harriyanna Hook’s Disneycember if it weren’t for Doug Walker’s Disneycemeber. It hurts because I no longer think highly of the person I got the inspiration from to do this, and it’s my fault, to begin with.
  • Why did SpongeBob and Patrick's death hurt so much?

    I felt like I knew Spongebob and Patrick. I saw them every day. They kept me company if I was the only person in the living room, and they were never mean to me. Two characters I adore dying was the last thing I wanted.
  • The Miraculous World Specials Are A Problem and Here's Why.

    So many of this show’s problems with diversity stem from the fact that it’s only white people in the writers' room; at one point, it was just white men. I was unhappy when I discovered Miraculous was planning to do more specials in different places. 

    If the Miraculous team refuses to make changes with their franchise, adding writers of color and not having Gabriel go to countries full of non-white people to bully them, they can keep these specials in the drafts. 


  • The double standard of YouTube fandom content.

    When I go onto YouTube and search for fandom videos to watch, the main people who show up are non-black. As I keep scrolling, I notice that it’s not just one creator’s who’s videos are showing up, it’s numerous. There are days worth of fandom content on YouTube, but the videos with the most views relating to the subject are the ones made by non-black people.
  • Sam Levinson and Thomas Astruc Mirror Each Other.

    As I continue to watch Astruc and Levinson’s shows, I get more irritated because of the ongoing issues with the storytelling. The writers room for these series are what’s stopping them from being the best they can be.