Here's some of my favorite podcasts if you don't wanna listen to people complain about dating.

Alright…………since the pandemic has started (because we are still in it, don’t you forget it!), podcasts have gotten such a horrible reputation simply for the fact that every time a podcast clip goes viral on social media, it's some nonsense. It seems as if everyone has a podcast, and since I enjoy talking about things that catch my interest, I have one just as well that focuses on fictional female characters (for which I desperately need to change the main photo). I, for one, loved listening to the radio growing up, so I enjoyed podcasts before they became trendy, I’d say. Let me tell you something: plenty have started podcasts only really to talk about dating culture along with being extremely misogynistic, and guess what? I am not a fan of those podcasts, and many others have expressed that they don’t like them much. Here are some of my favorite podcasts; you may find one that captures your interest.
Ugh, As If! (Contemporary Art Podcast)
Lisa Fevral’s YouTube channel has become a personal favorite channel of mine within the last year. She talks about fashion and society on her channel, so it’s pretty much similar to her podcast. I appreciate how unfiltered she is; let’s say that she thinks an outfit is ugly or can’t stand a well-known public figure that has strongly affected art (such as Picasso); she will let you know! The art and media she covers on her podcast aren’t just limited to one genre, demographic, or country. She talks about it all.
The Anime Tea
The Anime Tea is a Japanese media and culture-focused podcast run by a black woman who is very knowledgeable about anime and manga. I love to learn, and Phoenix (the host) does a great job of bringing in educational value when talking about Japan’s history, something that I often overlook when people discuss anime as a whole. Let’s just say I am much more knowledgeable about Japanese culture thanks to this podcast.
I started listening to Rehash simply because I enjoy Broey Deschanel’s work on her YouTube channel. Now, I am seated every time there is a new episode release because this podcast does a fantastic job of educating the listener about how social media is more engraved into our daily lives than we notice. The primary purpose of Rehash is to hold discussions about things that happen online that have a substantial effect on society that are forgotten and are due for revisiting. I also get a good laugh from the hosts, Hannah and Maia, in the show, along with looking more into the subject matter.
Cartoons That Curse
Animation explicitly made for an adult audience needs more when it comes to Western animation. The main thing it needs is to be taken seriously. I will forever complain about how it’s obvious when an animated series wants to be more mature but has to water itself down to be more appealing to the general public. Western adult animation is often taken for granted and is brushed off during the subject of filmmaking. Do you think family cartoons are treated poorly? Adult cartoons get brushed off as childish simply because they aren’t live-action. People see something drawn and assume it’s for kids. The host of Cartoons That Curse, Tariq and Johnny, have a YouTube channel that gives adult animated series a more nuanced outlook on animation and carry on the conversation on their podcast. I enjoy listening to people talk about cartoons and aren’t bigoted about the ok.
She is So Bougie
I'm not even joking when I say the She is So Bougie podcast has helped my well-being. I am not afraid to admit that I have needed guidance regarding how I carry myself with being in the public eye because of being a YouTuber and cosplayer. I am more nonchalant about things such as celebrity drama and social media drama; this podcast has contributed to it. I used to find those things funny and entertaining, but they wasted my time. The She is So Bougie podcast offers advice on dealing with difficult situations, working, money management, and setting boundaries with not just other people but yourself.
High Low with EmRata
The only celebrity podcast I paid any attention to, I will tell you that! I have always liked Emily Ratajkowski as a model, so learning about her thoughts and opinions on the world is nice. I am more interested in the episodes when she talks about things that catch her interest (such as the writer’s strike, writing, and court cases) than what the podcast is most known for: the celebrity guests she brings on.
The Magical Girl's Guide To Life

It's such a girly podcast, but that makes it great. I am a fan of the host Jacque Aye’s writing, so her podcast is an extension of that, and I enjoy it. I laugh a lot but also can relate a lot because I too, am a black woman who struggles with depression, likes nerdy things, and writes all the time. She brings other black writers and artists to her show, and while they discuss writing, they also talk about the struggles of life and things to do to get by. It’s just a charming podcast to me.

If you need some guidance on finding podcasts that aren’t incel and pick-me bait, well, here you go! I’m joking, hehe, but seriously, I am a big advocate for people having a good media diet and diversifying the entertainment they consume. Instead of going towards media that is media for outrage, go more towards the media that you’ll get something out of besides annoyance.