the black nathalie sancoeur.

  • This is the only time I'm gonna talk about my mother.

    Before my mother's death, I will say that half of my life was dedicated to taking care of her. She always had issues with her health, and being as young as nine years old was when I first started to care for her. When she died, it was the first time I could truly take care of myself. Going to therapy wasn’t doing much, and you want to know why? Because afterward, when my session was over, I had to take care of her. One of the main things causing me so much distress, and I had no choice.
  • Being an obsessive fangirl is not cute, and I didn’t learn that until I stopped being one.

    Swarm freaked me out because, while I did not want to hurt someone for disliking my favorites, I understood stan culture and why people turn to it.
  • My brand turns two today. Here’s the truth about owning a small business.

    Wow, it’s been two years already? Entrepreneurship is something that has always interested me since I was a little girl, and I am thankful to be able to pursue it as a career path. Regarding the subject of work, I think we need more honesty! I strongly advocate letting people know what they are getting into. Here are a few things I have learned since my brand became official.
  • Getting invested in celebrity drama is a waste of time.

    Toward the end of 2022, I fell down the Blueface and Chrisean rabbit hole, an abusive relationship that people look at for entertainment. This relationship was a big distraction for me when I was making my Disneycember series when I realized I needed to cut back on being on social media a lot. I find it kind of applauding that many are pointing and laughing at this, as this isn’t fiction. These are real people.
  • Twenty-two things I learned in 2022.

    Happy new year, everyone! Can I even still say that? Well, we are only 19 out of 365 days, so yes, yes, I can. People often do their number countdowns at the end of the year, but it would be nice to share mine at the beginning of the year. Here are 22 things I learned in 2022 that I have taken into 2023.
  • I kinda feel bad for Doug Walker, and I don’t like it.

    There would be no Harriyanna Hook’s Disneycember if it weren’t for Doug Walker’s Disneycemeber. It hurts because I no longer think highly of the person I got the inspiration from to do this, and it’s my fault, to begin with.
  • The business girl aesthetic is super fake.

    What is the business girl aesthetic, you say? Before 2015 this aesthetic only really applied to women and girls who were well-known YouTubers, singers, rappers, or actors with consistent work. These women post photos of themselves on Instagram wearing designer clothing, eating at five-star restaurants, and wearing bikinis on vacation.

    Many women in this field do not care about the hard work, dedication, and time it takes to be your boss and freelance. Plenty simply want to do this because social media has sold them the idea that if they start a business selling the same things as everyone else, they will achieve wealth and can buy whatever they please. Suppose you see these things take up plenty of space on one’s Instagram feed, who are relatively young most of the time. In that case, they work in entertainment, have a youtube channel with a large following, or sell products and services to numerous people.