The business girl aesthetic is super fake.

*Just a quick disclaimer, this video was inspired by the channel "Fab Socialism. 

In school, we are taught that an entrepreneur is a person who owns their own business. Most of the entrepreneurs I knew of before 16 were in their thirties. Nowadays, it’s pervasive for people under 25 to be entrepreneurs, and we have the internet to thank for that. But, one thing I have noticed with these entrepreneurs is that many of them let go of their businesses after a year or two.  They learn the reality of what it truly takes to be your boss and the hardships that come with that. Many quit because it’s too much to handle, and others stop because they don’t achieve the business girl aesthetic that so many entrepreneurs under 25 show on the internet. 

What is the business girl aesthetic, you say? Before 2015 this aesthetic only really applied to women and girls who were well-known YouTubers, singers, rappers, or actors with consistent work. These women post photos of themselves on Instagram wearing designer clothing, eating at five-star restaurants, and wearing bikinis on vacation.

Many women in this field do not care about the hard work, dedication, and time it takes to be your boss and freelance. Plenty simply want to do this because social media has sold them the idea that if they start a business selling the same things as everyone else, they will achieve wealth and can buy whatever they please. Suppose you see these things take up plenty of space on one’s Instagram feed, who are relatively young most of the time. In that case, they work in entertainment, have a youtube channel with a large following, or sell products and services to numerous people. 

Many people want the business girl aesthetic, but it was harder to achieve it before the 2010s because let’s be honest: breaking into the entertainment industry is complex. Getting a talent agent to sign you is strenuous, and you constantly get turned down from casting calls. You could book a modeling gig with a major company and not book another for months. The internet has made the business girl aesthetic easier to achieve because you don’t have to go through the long and challenging process of being a traditional entertainer; you don’t need any talents. When people concluded that the internet could give them a significant source of income without needing a college education, the social media entrepreneur rose. It’s not cheap to be an entrepreneur because you’re constantly paying for software, materials, clothing, and personal upkeep, but it doesn’t cost nearly as much to attend university.

If I were just into this field of work only for money and luxury, I would have quit because it’s taxing physically, mentally, and emotionally. Because you are the one in charge of everything, nothing happens unless you’re making the moves. I have to book my in-person events. I am the one promoting, I am the one designing, and if I bring on a guest, I am on the sidelines watching the process to ensure everything is to my liking. I still have to find ways to make time for myself because I’m working so much that my brand won’t fall off the face of the earth. Also, if an entrepreneur doesn’t work, THEY DON’T GET PAID. Because of all the time it takes to become a businesswoman. I had to change my lifestyle to ensure my income source was okay. I love being an entrepreneur, but most of my life revolves around it.

The business girl aesthetic gives you the illusion that if you are your boss and don’t work for anyone full-time, you will achieve a life of luxury. Nope.  People don’t show the other side what it’s like to do this. They won’t show you the days when you’re on set for over twelve hours for a photo shoot and filming; people won’t show you the hurt they feel when they put their all into a product, and not that many people buy it as they expected. They won’t show you the annoyingly long process of editing a video. They won’t show you the amount of harassment they get. We need to start being more honest about this profession. You can achieve the business girl aesthetic, but it’s challenging to get and difficult to maintain. 

There's a reason why plenty of small businesses and youtube channels don't last for more than a year. They think that as soon as they get the label of an entrepreneur, it will bring on easy money, but it’s a lie. Some people get lucky and have their businesses make a high income in the first year. Still, even with those people, they are constantly fulfilling orders, remaking and reordering inventory, auditioning, editing, and figuring out the next best thing for their brand. Some people stop because it’s too much for them to handle. The ones that don’t get that instant success often get discouraged and quit. I’m not saying being an entrepreneur is a super hard job because there are plenty of more taxing professions, but saying it’s easy isn’t true. 


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