Getting invested in celebrity drama is a waste of time.


2023 is the year of protecting my peace. What comes along with that? It comes with blocking out things that may annoy you and cause you to waste your precious time. As someone who grew up in numerous fandom spaces (an unhealthy environment for me), I spent my teenage years obsessed with celebrities of all kinds, from singers, dancers, actors, and even a few influencers. I now cringe at the thought of doing that, as I find it silly that I was so invested in the lives of people who don’t know or care about me. I went from not caring about famous people to barely talking much about them in adulthood. I stopped talking about celebrity drama on my YouTube channel, but now? I don’t care to do it at all. Caring about celebrity drama is just too much of a waste of my time, and I no longer care to do it.

Toward the end of 2022, I fell down the Blueface and Chrisean rabbit hole, an abusive relationship that people look at for entertainment. This relationship was a big distraction for me when I was making my Disneycember series when I realized I needed to cut back on being on social media a lot. I find it kind of applauding that many are pointing and laughing at this, as this isn’t fiction. These are real people. I mentioned that I used to eat things like this when I was younger, and I’m disgusted that I used to find stuff like this entertaining. That’s what celebrity drama is, entertainment. It falls more into the entertainment category because we now have access to it through our phones instead of magazines and television. It’s the more updated reality TV form because it’s happening in real-time and not prerecorded. There is no crew behind the scenes to stop everything if something has gone too far. It’s so many thoughts and opinions floating around about the said celebrities, and the next thing you know, two hours have gone by.

Aside from Blueface and Chrisean arguing and putting their hands on each other, Yung Miami and Diddy’s situationship has been the talk of social media just as well. Every other day it’s something new, and I often see complaints about it. Don’t get me wrong; the complaints are valid because I believe that people need to keep many things about what they do with their partners off the internet. Just like with the other two, I found myself getting irritated while looking over everything. Like many others, I wanted to be in the know on current events, but at what cost? Is it worth me losing brain cells to irritability because I want to know what’s going on with the biggest celebrities?

FOMO, the fear of missing out, is something I struggled with intensely during middle school, high school, and my first few college years. I often was not allowed to hang out with my friends outside of school due to personal reasons that are no one's business. I was stuck at school, home, or the cheer gym, glued to my phone. If I couldn’t know what was going on with people I knew, I was going through everything going on with famous people. As time went by, FOMO is something I do not suffer from nearly as much as I did in the past, with the internet and celebrities, of course. The more time I spent creating things, the less I cared about who was dating who, who was bad-mouthing who, and so forth. 

Numerous people out here make a living off celebrity drama, no shade to them. I applaud them because they have the willpower to do something I no longer have the energy for. Many people could handle looking at celebrity drama and turning it into content. I used to look at celebrity drama and turn it into range, and I stopped doing it because I hated that feeling of annoyance it gave me. That feeling of pain came back when I’d look to see who was trending on Twitter, and then I looked at the clock are realize I could have been reading, drawing, editing, and shipping out orders during that time I spent looking at a mess that doesn’t concern me, a mess that does not affect my life. I am not getting anything out of this. Celebrity drama is a waste of my time. 


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