the black nathalie sancoeur.

  • Star Vs. The Lack of Boundaries.

     Marco and his parents were her host family. When it comes to host families, you aren’t cut off from dating altogether, but dating one of the people you’re staying with is a no-no. First-year High school students do not need to live with people they are dating. Sorry not sorry, but if that was the intent from the beginning, that being Star and Marco dating, then the writing needed work to show that. 
  • Terra Markov and Evie Zamora Mirror Each Other.

    Both of these girls needed a better support system. It’s sad because they both became friends with decent people but ended up betraying them in the end because of their trauma and pain. Evie and Terra both wanted a family; no, they needed one—loneliness for someone that young is detrimental to them. I can attest to that, I went through a period of my teen years where I felt that I had no friends and couldn’t trust anyone.