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  • The Miraculous World Specials Are A Problem and Here's Why.

    So many of this show’s problems with diversity stem from the fact that it’s only white people in the writers' room; at one point, it was just white men. I was unhappy when I discovered Miraculous was planning to do more specials in different places. 

    If the Miraculous team refuses to make changes with their franchise, adding writers of color and not having Gabriel go to countries full of non-white people to bully them, they can keep these specials in the drafts. 


  • Sam Levinson and Thomas Astruc Mirror Each Other.

    As I continue to watch Astruc and Levinson’s shows, I get more irritated because of the ongoing issues with the storytelling. The writers room for these series are what’s stopping them from being the best they can be. 
  • In Defense of Sabrina Raincomprix.

    While I will admit I hated girls like Sabrina, I can own up to why I’m so frustrated with the writing she gets: because I was a Sabrina as well during my childhood.